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The Junior Varsity Strikes Again 

Y'know, when I started this series, I thought there would be a lot of material, but I had no idea we were looking at a nightly thing.

Anyway . . .

Tonight's entries . . . aw, hell. They come without comment.

Democratic sources say that H. Rodgin Cohen, a partner in the New York law firm Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, and the leading candidate for Deputy Treasury Secretary, has withdrawn from consideration.

It's the third withdrawal of a top Treasury Department staff pick in less than a week.

and . . . .

An aide to President Barack Obama is on leave from his White House job after the FBI raided his old District of Columbia government office Thursday, arresting a city employee and a technology consultant on corruption charges, a White House official said.

The charges were lodged against the two men at a federal court hearing as the FBI finished searching the city's technology office, which was led until recently by Obama's new computer chief, Vivek Kundra.

Okay, I lied. I have to comment.

So far in this series we've covered the Commerce Department, the Chairman of the National Intelligence Council, and multiple foreign policy screw-ups.

And in this day and age do you think . . .DO YOU THINK. . . that maybe, just a little bit, the person in charge of the White House computers might want to be, oh I don't know, NOT SUBJECT TO CORRUPTION PROBLEMS?!?!?!

"No, sir, I have no idea how the Chinese hacked into our national security database and found all our high-level NOCs in the PRC. Maybe they bought off all the people I was in debt to and then leveraged that with a little . . .

Honestly, and we're still talking high-level appointments here. Who do think is gonna slip past the vetting process to be Junior Assistant Undersecretary for Diplomatic Gift-Giving?

Oh, wait! . . .they apparently already filled that post.

By the way, have you noticed how the stock market has rallied in the last few days? And have you simultaneously noticed how President Obama hasn't had any major speeches in the last couple days?

Probably just coincidence.

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