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The Junior Varsity Strikes Again 

I always wondered if it wasn't President Obama that we had to worry about so much as the type of people that his administration would attract. It would seem I was right.

You've probably heard the stories by now: it starts with Obama forcefully sending the bust of Churchill back to England, even though it was a gift to us representing their solidarity in the wake of 9/11. Then, Gordon Brown, PM of our oldest and closest ally, comes to visit. Obama snubs the traditional joint press conference, eschews a state dinner, and the gift exchange is a shambles: Brown gives a pen set made from wood from the Resolute, along with a 1st edition bio of Churchill; Obama gives Brown a 25-movie DVD collection. Mrs. Brown brings very nice clothing for the Obama children; Mrs. Obama presents a couple models of Marine One that were in the residence.

Now, in week #4 can the Obamas be forgiven for not knowing all the traditional protocol for a state visit? Sure. Why not? Let's give them the benefit of the doubt.

But what about all the "professional" diplomats and protocol aides whose job it is to know this stuff, and who are supposed to prevent the President from doing stupid and insulting things like this.

OOPS. My bad. Missed that one . . .

Again, 28 out of 800.

Apparently, the State Dept is one of those places running short on competent staff right now.

Just for grins, let's all keep a close eye out for how this administration treats the eventual visit of the head of Hamas or Hezbollah. Just for grins.

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