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I Hate It When I Speak Too Soon 

Last night I wrote this:

Two days in the bag, and so far they've managed to keep their insufferable arrogance to a level just below slightly annoying.

And then this morning, not six hours after I wrote that, it was revealed that The Obama will deliver his acceptance speech in a setting described thus:

Barack Obama's big speech tonight will be delivered from an elaborate columned platform resembling a miniature Greek temple, it has been revealed . . .

Man, I should have known it was just a matter of time. Pay close attention to the theatercraft of tomorrow night's speech: how is the lighting done? will there be a bright spotlight behind the podium to give him a halo? what music will he enter to? will the Obama seal be on display?

I know the details of things like this are handled by staff. But, c'mon . . . the tone is set from the top. And if The Obama has staff that is comfortable presenting him speaking ex cathedra, there must be quite a tone coming from the top.

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