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Early Impressions of the DNC 

Well, I gotta hand it to the Dems. Two days in the bag, and so far they've managed to keep their insufferable arrogance to a level just below slightly annoying.

Seriously, I was completely expecting a four-day version of the Wellstone Memorial. Between Obama's Magalomania, the confidence of a party poised to be in charge of just about everything, and Democrats' natural tendency towards thinking they know better than anybody else, I thought this was going to be four days of unbelievable self-congratulation.

They've been milquetoast; they've been bland; James Carville said they were hiding their agenda very well; they've been shallow; they've been calculating; they've been, at times, cloying.

But, so far, not much arrogance.

Michelle was boring; Hillary was perfunctory; Mark Warner was kinda strange. Not what I was expecting.

The upside for our side is this: so far, neither Gallup nor Rasmussen are showing any significant bump--quite the opposite. Gallup's Daily Tracking Poll is showing a 3-point move to McCain over the last five days, and Rasmussen is showing a 3-point move to McCain in just the last two days.

Couldn't be because the Obama Crusade is being derailed by the stupidity of Nancy Pelosi and the sudden awareness of Bill Ayers--thanks to Obama himself!

Ruh-roh, Raggy! The One is starting to crack!

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