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This Actually Sort Of Scares Me 

So, it's clear now that the night went to Scenario 1.

That surprises me. Not too much, given my track record on predictions, but still . . .

Obama's 14-point win in North Carolina, plus a very tight Indiana race, guarantees that Obama can credibly lay claim to the status of presumptive nominee.

And, as heartening as that seems like it should be, given the perceived weakness of Obama in a general election, it actually scares me a great deal.

You see, it occurred to me that my prediction of a good night for Hillary was actually, I think, just a projection--in the psychological sense. I was hoping that, at some point, the Democrats would come to their collective minds and choose a responsible, credible candidate.

Failing, of course, to take into account the innate pathology of the liberal mind: responsibility is a shackle on the dreams of the free, and must, therefore, be shunned.

So the liberals have stuck with their man, and seem determined to put the least qualified candidate for President up against a man who may be the MOST qualified candidate in a generation.

And what that tells me is that, on a basic level, the Democrats have ceased being a serious party.

Its one thing to have a way-Left woman in charge of the House, and another to have a surrender monkey in charge of the Senate--it is altogether a different thing to put a man with NO executive experience, NO military experience, NO significant legislative achievements, and NO foreign policy experience in charge of the U.S. military, our nuclear arsenal, and all foreign relations policy.

And then when you consider John McCain's odd assortment of legislative accomplishments over the past 12 years, which could hardly be described as faithful to any set of core values, much less those articulated by Lincoln and Reagan, you may have to conclude that the Republicans have their own issues.

All of which makes for an . . . odd . . . election cycle-to-be.

With the Left lurching through its own 60s-esque upheaval, and the GOP tragically unable to get its footing over the last four years, it's very hard to see how this isn't a time of seismic change in the American political world.

This is a time for ideals and orators and men of character and greatness. I don't know who those men--or women--would be, but I'm a little bit fearful that if this country can't find them soon, we might just be in for a long, bumpy ride into relative irrelevancy.

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