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From the Department of Blind Squirrels 

Last night I wrote about the Denver Teachers' Union, and linked to a Rocky Mountain News editorial which called the union out for its over-the-top behavior in regards to current negotiations.

But, while I stand by the underlying criticism of the union, I must, in fairness, point out that the union is actually very correct on one point.

The letter to civic leaders took a direct swipe at the essential reforms Bennet has instituted. In it, Ursetta wrote the union "believes the time has come to listen to teachers, not policy wonks in think tanks far from Denver." (Actually, the chief academic officer who directs the reforms not only works for the district, after moving here from New York, but his background is in teaching, not think tanks.)

Ursetta also promised that the union would roll out its own proposed "teacher-designed, child-based" reforms soon.

As I mentioned here, teachers are very often the last link in the professional chain of curricular "innovations". So, if a union finally has the fortitude to tell the administration to stop listening to the ivory towers and start listening to the people in the trenches, I will point that out and applaud that.

And I, like the Rocky Mountain News, look forward to seeing these "teacher-designed, child-based" reforms. We hope that these reflect a seriousness about teaching students subject matter, and not a "soft American" reliance on "self-esteem" or any other gobbledy-gook.

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