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Rep. Merrifield, Is There Also A "Special Place" For Teachers' Unions? 

Posting without comment, because a. I've said it before and b. it's too embarrassing to my profession:

From this blog, April 15 of this year:

Teachers' UNIONS, on the other hand, are self-important, self-interested, protectors of THEIR OWN interests who freely spend teachers' money on hard-left political causes, many of which have precious little to do with education.

Which is why I believe teachers' unions are one of the greatest impediments to good education in all of society.

From today's Rocky editorials:

The union has never been bashful about criticizing the fundamental reforms sought by Superintendent Michael Bennet. But in the current labor negotiations, its rhetoric has risen to an unhealthy level of antagonism and mockery.

This posture serves union members poorly, because it pits teachers against administrators and undermines reforms rather than giving them a chance to work. Intentionally or not, it also treats the district's students and parents as an afterthought, when they are the association's actual clients. . . .

In the meantime, the disdain that DCTA has expressed toward the district's administrators and their initiatives is not good for anyone. Until the union's leaders begin to see school administrators as partners, essential reforms will take longer to implement. Slowing that pace will only punish students now enrolled in district schools.

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