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The Lesson We Need to Learn From Gloria Allred 

Yeah, Gloria Allred is a media-hungry Democrat shill who has proven before that she's willing to do anything to take down a Republican front-runner.

But that's the point.

If Republican front-runners (like Ken Buck, Ryan Frazier and Cory Gardner) aren't prepared for the mud that's headed their way in the next two weeks, they're just naive.

There's a tidal wave comin', but it's not the electoral one we're all hoping for.

It's going to be story after story, day after day, unsubstantiated claim after ridiculous charge that the Republicans kill babies, kick puppies, sell drugs and use the money to buy male prostitutes. And the "professional journalists" will wring their hands at how ugly things have become and promise full investigations--investigations which will, no doubt, conclude that the Republican "defendant" is completely innocent . . . on November 5th.

I would hope that some umbrella organization would make a massive ad buy in the next two weeks to put on screen some credible, beloved Republican (like Bill Armstrong or Hank Brown) who will give an "innoculation" endorsement. Something along the lines of:

In the next few weeks, you will be inundated by ugly political advertising by innocent sounding groups like "Moving Colorado Forward" or "The Bighorn Foundation," along with, no doubt, some wild accusations that will get front page coverage and lead the evening newscast. These groups, who hide the sources of their money like a protective father hides his 16-yr old daughter, are going to allege any manner of outrageous claims about Republican candidates for office in Colorado. In the past, they've said Republicans were in favor of breast cancer; this time, they'll probably say Republicans love raw liver and kick puppies.

Why do they do this? Well, for one thing, it works. They've done it in the last three elections, and it's worked every time. They also have a lot of money to burn. A handful of very rich, very radical, and very hidden figures have bankrolled these attacks to make sure that the government they've bought over the last six years STAYS bought.

But, more importantly, it keeps them from having to defend their record. They think they can keep you talking about minutae so that you WON'T talk about deficits, jobs, security, a broken education system, and freedom--all of which they don't have any ideas about.

Colorado deserves better. Colorado deserves honest campaigns that come from the candidates, not from special interests that hide in loopholes in the election laws.

This November, reject politics as usual. Ignore these attacks, and do your own research. Read a candidate's website, or call them yourself to find out what they really think. And then vote on issues, ideas, and values.

That's how you end politics as usual.

That's a little crude, but you get the idea. Gloria Allred was just the first one out of the gate--there are going to be more, and it is going to get really ugly. I'm not saying Republicans need to get down into the slop with the Left on this one . . .

but they'd better put on their wetsuits and get ready to swim!

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