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Dan Maes Needs To Take A Lesson From Paul Loscocco 

Who is Paul Loscocco? He is a former Republican who was running as the Independant Lieutenant Gubernatorial candidate in Massachussetts. Friday morning he made an extraordinary statement (hat tip Hot Air):

“I cannot sit idly by as my friends and supporters cast their votes for my ticket, knowing that the best chance to defeat Governor Patrick is with Charlie Baker,” Loscocco will say at a press conference later this morning. “I cannot and will not let my ego get in the way of doing what is right for Massachusetts.

Amen, brother.

Now that a Fox News poll has Maes running at 15%, while Tom Tancredo is down to John Hickenlooper by just 10 points, it would seem obvious that this political novice and self-aggrandizing serial liar is the only thing standing between a Colorado-style reprieve from four years of Sanctuary City Hick.

DAN MAES CAN NOT WIN!! And he is not even the only or best alternative.

However, I am not holding my breath on that one. A "novice, self-aggrandizing serial liar" is not likely to conclude on his own that he should do the right thing.

But I'm optimistic that Tambor Williams can be pursuaded to see the light and abandon this Sisyphaen endeavor. It may preserve whatever future she sees for herself in Colorado politics.

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