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The Cost Of Bad Strategy 

Hey Ken Buck: you should be winning this race by 10 points. In fact, you were winning this race by 10 points just 2 weeks ago. So what happened?

Oh, yeah. You let yourself get sucked into a debate on social issues. THEY WON the battleground because you didn't innoculate yourself against their attacks and then you let David Gregory suck you in on his goofy question and then you still aren't reminding voters that they usually aren't talking about social issues when they're out of a job but . . .

but you didn't. And now it's a toss-up. Now it's close. And as we all learned from Washington state and from Minnesota and from near-misses in Florida and South Dakota . . .

if it's close and there's a Democrat SecState, they'll steal it.

I don't mean to be a pessimist, but when the AP is still showing a 7-point Republican advantage in the generic ballot, how is it possible that Colorado is going to miss the wave?

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