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Way to Go, Conservatives 

Hey, guess who spent the most money to get Dan Maes as the gubernatorial nominee? That's right! The far Left:

Small businessman Dan Maes won the GOP nomination after Colorado Freedom Fund ran television ads in the two weeks before the Aug. 10 primary slamming former congressman Scott McInnis for plagiarizing a series of papers on water policy. McInnis ended up losing to Maes by 5,150 votes out of 390,108 cast. . . .

The most recently filed campaign records from Colorado Freedom Fund indicate that the Democratic Governors Association donated $150,000, while wealthy Colorado philanthropist Pat Stryker gave $108,000. The SEIU Small Donor Committee gave $200,000 and the Public Education Committee, an education union, gave $150,000. Two other groups gave $5,000 each to the committee.

Brilliant strategy, and it worked. Well, that and the weak candidacy of the patently phony Scott McInnis.

In other words: Way to Go, Conservatives: You Got Played.

You can congratulate yourselves on your ideological purity on the morning of November 3rd when you awake to find a Democrat Governor, a Democrat legislature ('cuz now all of Pat Stryker's money can be spent lying about our legislative candidates), 4 or 5 out of 7 or 8 Congressional districts in Dem hands and Michael Bennett as your Senator.

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