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Ads That You Would Think Would Write Themselves 

[visual of blue and yellow Ed Perlmutter sign, voice over]

"Congressman Ed Perlmutter's campaign slogan this year is "Our Neighbor, Our Voice." Let's look at the record.

"When Congress contemplated the so-called Stimulus Bill, it was promised that unemployment would remain below 8 percent. Even so, you opposed the $787 boondoggle [visual of series of polls]. In spite of that, Ed Perlmutter voted FOR the Stimulus. Today, unemployment stands at 9.6%, with no new jobs in sight.

"When Congress contemplated Cap-and-Trade legislation that would drive the cost of a gallon of gas through the roof and drive even more jobs out of Colorado, you opposed it [more visuals of polls] but Ed Perlmutter voted FOR it.

"When Congress contemplated a Health Care overhaul that would cost $1 trillion over the next 15 years, you opposed that, as well [more visuals] . Ed Perlmutter voted FOR it. Now we find out that this legislation will drive up premiums and force many employers to drop their health plans.

"Ed Perlmutter. He may be our neighbor. But his voice is more like Nancy Pelosi's"

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