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Never Relax 

Despite the spate of recent polls showing that the Democrats are in trouble around the country, I'm not buying it. There is still plenty of time for Republicans to blow this one! Exhibit A: Scott McInnis. Exhibit B: Dan Maes.

The folks over at Hot Air had a link today to an article which contained an analysis that said as many as 20 current Democrat-controlled state legislatures could be in serious play this Fall. Now, the article didn't mention Colorado specifically, but you have to believe that Colorado is part of that mix. Certainly, the lucid analysis by Ben would indicate that. If we manage not to implode on this one, that could be the real victory, because then our side would get to do redistricting in a year in which it is reasonable to assume Colorado will pick up one more Congressional seat.

Unfortunately, that would require that our side have a gameplan to counteract the Big Three (Gill/Polis/Stryker) and their millions. And so far, I haven't seen any indication that we're ready for that.

Like I said, there's still plenty of time to lose this one.

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