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This Is Going To Get Ugly 

The most recent polling has the President's approval at 48-45, Congress' approval at 22%, and the Generic Ballot in favor of Republicans by 7.

The Democrats have A LOT of money in the pipeline, an endless supply of union thugs and workers to do the grassroots stuff, and a media in their pocket. But the people are not buying what they're selling, and 11 months of Democrat leadership have proven to the people that the Dems can NOT be trusted.

From a Democratic point of view, the only hope they have is to muddy the waters so badly that the voters can't recognize one candidate from the other. In other words, I would expect by mid-June to be seeing ads run in competitive markets that smear Republican candidates in ways that we've never seen before. Republicans would be smart to get out in front of this and run innoculation ads--"you're going to see ads from well-funded special interests accusing me of everything from blowing up oil rigs to kicking puppies. For the record, I love dogs . . ."

I'm just saying. I expect it to get very ugly.

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