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For Aurora Conservatives With A Few Free Hours 

Part of my monitoring things political is being on a number of email lists, including some that I would not normally care to read. But every once in a while something useful comes of it. Like today.

Today I learned that Rep. Ed Perlmutter is holding a "Government in the Grocery" townhall meeting this morning, May 8th, at the Sprouts Farmers Market at Havana and Mississippi from 10 til noon.

If you get a chance to go, ask the Congressman if he regrets his full-throated, unwavering support of ObamaCare in light of the entirely predictable revelations (after it passed) that many large companies are looking at dropping their health benefits, that the overall cost to the country will be substantially more than we were told, that experts predict this will exacerbate already-critical doctors and nursing shortages, that those who currently have health coverage will have to pay more for it, and that many large companies took substantial hits on their financial sheets because of it, which virtually guarantees a cap on growth and hiring.

If he doesn't run away from you as soon as he sees an actual, live conservative in the room.

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