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Another Speech I'd Like To Hear 

Aisne-Marne, 2,289; Ardennes, 5,329; Brittany, 4,410; Cambridge, 3,812; Epinal, 5,525;
Florence, 4,402; Henri-Chapelle, 7,992; Lorraine, 10,489; Meuse-Argonne, 14,246.

Strasbourg, France; Prague, Czeckoslavakia; London; Trinidad and Tobago; Ankara, Turkey; Cairo, Egypt.

The first list is a partial list of the locations and the numbers of Americans buried on foreign soil, fighting a war not of theirs or of our making, with absolutely no more American territory to surround their plots than the green grass cradling the bodies of their comrades-in-arms.

The second list is a partial list of all the locations where this President has apologized to the world for America while on foreign soil. Thankfully, he had the good grace never to give one of these great apologies from the hallowed ground our soldiers lie on.

The foreign policy of this administration and of the Democratic Party in Congress is a policy based almost entirely on hope. And hope is a wonderful thing--even St. Paul praises it as one of the central elements of a Christian life. But it is no substitute for a genuine foreign policy based on a clear-eyed view of reality and a seriousness about the need to keep Americans safe.

If it were true that, as the Democrats assert, that the world will love us better if we simply show a little humility, and that that newfound love will translate into greater safety for all Americans, then we should have been able to expect a cessation of hostilities. And yet, since the President has taken office, we've had an attack on an Army base by a Muslim, we've had an attempted bombing in the skies on Christmas Day, and now we've had an attempted car bomb attack in Times Square. Perhaps it's time for the President and Congressional Democrats to come to grips with reality and recognize that their world view does nothing to inform a sane foreign policy. In the meantime, it also encourages the bad people to work their plans secure in the knowledge that they will be able to act largely unimpeded.

Or, perhaps its simply time to vote the bums out. Americans were fooled into thinking that the Democrats could run things, failing to heed the warnings of California (where many many very bad ideas get their start).

America is a great country, has been a great country, and God willing, will continue to be the greatest country in the history of the planet. When America is strong, the world is safer, and the crazies out there think twice about doing their business. And I, for one, will never apologize to anybody about the greatness of my country.

Thank you.

Thank You

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