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Another Quick Speech I'd Like To Hear UPDATED 

It would seem the President has three major pieces of legislation left on his docket for this year. Three things he has now urged Congress to act on before the end of the term. He has already bought the economy with a wildly unpopular and very partisan stimulus plan, he has taken over 17% of the U.S. economy by taking over the Health Care industry. Now he wants Congress to give him financial systems reform; now he wants to purchase a new constituency for himself by creating a path to amnesty for illegal aliens; now he wants Congress to create new rules of campaigning; and NOW he wants Congress to pass a jobs-killing, growth-retarding Cap-and-Tax, er, Trade legislation.

Once upon a time, it was fashionable to believe that this President was "post-partisan," that he was only interested in doing what is best for the country by bringing together people from both sides and taking the best ideas and putting them to work. But I can tell you with fair confidence that his agenda will get almost ZERO support from any Republican--how "post-partisan" is that? And I promise that if you send me to Congress, I will continue to oppose this agenda.

The stimulus was supposed to keep unemployment below 8 percent--it now hovers around 10. Health Insurance Reform is supposed to broaden access while lowering costs, but every single analysis--including by his own Social Security actuary--shows that it will cost more, possibly a LOT more. Financial reform, which could be smart and useful, is instead a payoff to key constituents that will kill jobs in many important regions of the country. Immigration reform translates quite simply into amnesty because Democrats believe that there is a huge population of illegals that would vote for them if they ever got the chance. And this new campaign reform is quite simply meant to keep corporations from having their feelings about elections known, though safe Democratic groups like labor unions and Hollywood starlets can contribute as much as they want to buying elections. On top of that you pile on Cap and Trade, and energy costs for every single American will rise, the ability to transport goods across the country will be hampered, jobs in critical industries will disappear, and an already fragile economy will grind to a halt.

This President's agenda is about this President, his power, and guaranteeing the continued election of himself and his cronies like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Ed Perlmutter.

If you want a representative who is going to take his oath to uphold the Constitution seriously, who is going to act in a way that will demonstrably add to the national well-being, and who will stand up against the corrupt Chicago-Washington Style of politics being played right now, then vote to send me to Congress.

Thank you!

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