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Stray Thoughts 

Completely random:

:Go Rockies!! Still in first place!!

: I had a friend once who threw terribly. I think it was because he was a naturally right-handed thrower but his dad made him throw lefty to be different or "special." Problem was it was so unnatural that he never did figure out all the mechanics. Oh, he could look good to a point, but there was always something not quite right, and the ball never managed to get to where it was supposed to go (something about a "release point"). The President throws like that now!

:Congratulations Butler on a game and gutsy performance. A little bit more forgiving rim, and who knows? Either of those last two shots could have been the game winner, but instead they bounced harlmessly into the awaiting hands of a Duke BlueDevil.

:YES!! I'm saying the President throws terribly. Do I really think Obama is capable of a cynical show of left-handedness like I'm suggesting? Of course I am!! For a guy who's supposed to be a good athlete, he looks pretty stupid at the foundational athletic skill of throwing! So what are the odds of that as opposed to left hand being his unnatural choice?

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