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A Question 

Remember not so long ago, in a country very much like how ours used to be, there was a political party that was up in arms about its opposition calling it "un-American." Never mind that not a single person in the leadership of the opposition ever actually said "un-American," that's entirely beside the point because the media never told you that part. No, it was special for reasons other than the media; the Democrats were afraid that Republican accusations of "un-American" activities would stifle debate and opposition.

Do you suppose that Bill Clinton going out and comparing the Tea Party to the militias that spawned Timothy McVeigh was any less an attempt to stifle opposition to Barack Obama. The empty rhetoric that the left regularly employs is hideous and is absolutely calculated to stifle debate. Don't like affirmative action? "RACIST!" Don't like illegal immigration? RACIST!! Oppose the President's plans? RACIST!HOMOPHOBE!AND DANGEROUS RIGHT-WING HATE-MONGER!!

There's only rarely a debate in which the Left is willing to constructively engage and try to sell their points. Our side needs to do that on a regular basis. To wit: take a page from Abraham Lincoln and show up at one of your opponents' public speeches, then invite the crowd to stay for 15 more minutes to hear your rebuttal or to come back tomorrow for the same. TAKE THE ARGUMENT TO THEM because they can't win if they have to argue specifics.

And don't let Clinton et al . throw ya'--ignore him or mock him, but stay focused on your own message.

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