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The Worst Kind of Governance, Except for 

This is, of course, a sort of homage to Churchill's famous line that democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the other forms of government.

Well, having watched the Republicans govern from 2001-2007, I can now say confidently that Republicans are the worst type of leadership . . .

except for the other types. Namely, Democrats.

My buddy sent me a text yesterday, and I could practically hear him laughing through the keyboard. He said "Polosi is on TV this morning, and she's actually saying that Democrats have a lot in common with the Tea Party movement."

This less than 24 hours after she awarded herself an "A" for the past year's work (next time some politician spews about "grade inflation" in the public schools . . . ); which was probably less than 48 hours after she and all of her colleagues had looked like the JV Debate Squad at the Health Care summit.

The Republicans made a complete hash of the U.S. Congress by 2006; and as much as I liked him as a President, I think at the end W. had been rendered largely irrelevant.

But THIS was the alternative?!?

You can practically hear the sucking in of air as the country is starting to wake up to the reality of the enormous miscalculation they perpetrated in November '08. And pretty soon Cap 'n Trade is going to be back on the agenda . . . just in time for gas prices to spike back over $3 (my brother thinks this will be the #1 issue this Fall). If the country takes a good look at the Dems actual plan for energy independence, the mockery will be loud and well-deserved.

But it will only translate into GOP election gains if the GOP gets its act together. Paul Ryan's roadmap seems like a good starting point, but some things need to go deeper--EVERY candidate had better able to sound both knkowledgeable and visionary on energy, or the issue will find a way to slip away.

I suspect that the country is not satisfied with the idea of the lesser of two evils, when all is said and done and an obvious solution presents itself. Problem is, up to now the GOP has demonstrated little ability to present itself as an obvious solution.

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