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What Happens When "Hope and Change" Fall Apart? 

"This is the day the waters began to recede . . . " or some such crap. Problem is, the public is not really buying it any more. A new Gallup poll shows that the number of Americans who think global warming is as Al Gore says it is is shrinking dramatically.

"We will have the most transparent and ethical government . . . " or something. Except, I suppose, when they really need something like a dying health care package and so they can retreat to a locked room where they can contemplate passing a rule that asserts that they passed a bill which they never voted on. Seriously.

"I will listen to good ideas from both sides . . . " I just won't use any of them.

"The politics of destruction . . ." I wonder how sending you chief of staff into the showers to yell at an errant Congressman fits into this formulation.

Closing Gitmo and holding civilian trials for terrorists? That's working out pretty well.

World leadership and renewed respect and affection for America? Not according to the Democracy Corps.

And does anybody remember the term "Card Check?"

Is there a single item that the Left wanted and truly believed it was going to get that they can claim to have gotten? The first 100 days are a little bit past now, and any momentum the President may have had has completely bogged down. This operation is amateurish, thuggish, tone deaf, arrogant and--worst of all--unbelievably self-righteous. And to look at its allies in the Congress is to see nothing but corruption.

Here's the problem for all of us: which side is prone to violence? It is not, as Nancy Pelosi tried to say, the Tea Partiers. The only people who have been substantially prone to violence over the political debates of the last few years are the ACORN workers in Ohio (?) who were arrested for vandalism and the members of the Union professional protesters' brigade. When the whole house of cards finally collapses, what do you think is going to be the reaction of the Left?

In the meantime, some of the most trusted advocacy groups out there have completely shot their credibility through this process, most prominently the AARP.

So the legislative agenda will fail, the unemployment rate will continue to be bad (and let's not even get started talking about the dollar), gas prices are going to go up, the big social issues are crumbling out from under them, and the reliable organizational infrastructure is collapsing. It's been quite a year for this team.

Oh, yeah--and we're not any safer from terrorists than we were 18 months ago. Probably worse off, I'd say.

It's time to read the history of the summer of 1968. I think we need to be prepared for an ugly bout of social unrest.

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