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This Summer Could Get Interesting 

I had to run several errands this afternoon, and I couldn't help but notice in the process that the price of a gallon of gasoline is ticking upwards pretty sharply right now. That is going to hit people pretty hard this summer. In the meantime, Congress is close to ready to enact a law that would make energy prices go up. Brilliant!

The unemployment rate will take a temporary tick downward as the government hires census workers, but that process will end. That is going to show back up late this summer.

China is already displeased with US rhetoric, and has started rattling its sabre a little bit. China, it seems, is traditionally a little more active in the summer, which could create a bit of a problem.

Engagement with Iran has produced nothing but laughter at this point, and who exactly knows when they'll be ready to move with their nukes. This could be a flashpoint for the summer, also.

If Barack Obama and Rahm Emmanuel needed an additional crisis or two to help Dems' election hopes in the Fall, they've got a few candidates to choose from. The problem is they're pretty much all of the Democrats' making.

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