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The End Of Incrementalism 

The Left has been very very smart for the last 50 years at feeding us Socialism in very small pieces until it has added up to a meal. Think about it: from very small Court cases (like completely re-defining the Establishment Clause) to small, harmless legislation (like the Endangered Species Act) to little social movements (like bilingual everything) to slowly changing history (by controlling the classrooms in which it is taught), the Left has managed to alter this country into a place that my grandparents would not recognize in a patient, glacial way.

I guess that's over with.

"Piecemeal reform is not the best way . . . " to take over the entirity of the economy and put the power squarely where it belongs: in Washington, D.C.

It seems to me that when one team suddenly abandons a gameplan that has worked for so long, you know that one of two things is going on: a. the team is desperate that what they've been doing hasn't worked and it's getting close to the end; or 2. the team has seen something that it wants to exploit, and NOW.

With a "historic" election, a very near supermajority in Congress, and an unearned reputation for rhetorical brilliance, I think the Left saw this as the year they finally outdid FDR. Sadly for them, the country did not want that, and their own ability to make it come to fruition turned out to be pathetically inadequate.

That's not to say that they won't keep trying, or that they won't eventually get things the way they want them. But they're throwing up a number of Hail Mary's this session, and you better believe that there are going to keep throwing them until they get kicked out of power in November.

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