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The Commercials I Would Run: Colorado Deserves Better 

Against Betsy Markey:

Betsy Markey claims to be a moderate; she claims to be pro-business; and in the Fall she voted against the House version of Obamacare on the grounds that it would be bad for jobs and bad for business in Colorado.

This week she announced that she was going to vote for the Senate version of Obamacare--which is more expensive, would be even worse for jobs in Colorado and even worse for business.

Either Representative Markey was lying in the Fall, and simply cast a vote because she thought it would give her political cover . . . . or she caved in to political pressure from the San Francisco-Chicago Radicals.

Worse yet, before she announced that vote, she voted in favor of a resolution that would allow the House to pass Obamacare without actually having to vote on it.

Betsy Markey: lyar? weakling? or coward? Perhaps that "Blue Dog" label ought to be changed to "Yellow Dog."

Colorado deserves better.

Against John Salazar:

John Salazar sold himself to Colorado voters as a moderate--one of them, who grew up on the land and earned a living with his own two hands, who shares our values.

One of our values, earned over 200 years building lives in the fronteir, is courage.

Yet last week Representative Salazar voted to allow the House of Representatives to pass a $1 trillion Health Care Reform without actually having to stand up and cast a vote.

That's not courage, Representative Salazar.

Colorado deserves better.

And last but not least, against Ed Perlmutter:

Ed Perlmutter never tried to hide his radical inclinations from Colorado voters--the Denver Post described him as "a Democrats' Democrat."

Even this past summer when he was trying to hide from his outraged voters in town hall meetings across the district, he made no attempt to hide his inclination towards a massive government takeover of the health care industry.

Finally, last week when he had a chance in Congress to stand up and proudly proclaim his intentions, he took the coward's way out and voted in favor of a procedure where the House of Representatives could pass the $1 trillion Obamacare package without actually having to vote on the bill itself.

Never mind that Coloradans, like the rest of the country, reject this federal intrusion into health care by solid majorities in every poll; if Representative Perlmutter really believes this is what's best for the country, he should stand up and say it.

Not hide behind arcane laegislative maneuvers like he's ashamed of his beliefs.

Colorado deserves better.

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