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What the Republicans SHOULD Do With the "Summit" 

Step up, en masse, to the bank of microphones, and address the press thus:

"Whereas the President promised to bring people together and to listen to ideas from both sides of the political aisle, and

:Whereas the President proposed just two days ago his own version of health care reform, before having this opportunity to listen to ideas from our side of the aisle, and while not incorporating a single important idea that has been put forward by a Republican, and

:Whereas the Majority Leader of the Senate has already indicated his intent to engage the "nuclear option," and force the current health care reform bill through without any Republican support, and

:Whereas the American people, according to Real Clear Politics, are against this health care reform by a 52-38 margin;

Therefore we, the members of the Republican Congressional Delegation, refuse to be a party to this political kabuki theater until and unless:

:the President comes to this bank of microphones and pledges to veto any budget bill that includes the current health care bill, or anything substantially similar to it

:the President accepts our proposals for altering the agenda for today's summit to include substantive discussions of tort reform and interstate purchasing of insurance."

The Republican caucus is serious about health care reform, but we do not believe it serves the American people to sign on to systems that have proven to fail in other countries and even in some large American states. If the President is serious about a bipartisan solution to fixing the best health care system in the world, we eagerly await him taking steps to make that happen.

And then they need to step back an wait on the lawn for an hour. As reporters ask them questions, they need to keep their answers short and sweet and on topic: "We published our reform ideas weeks ago at www. . . . ", "there is no point in proceeding without that pledge," "that's the difference between seriousness and theater."

And after one hour, they need to walk away.

The GOP needs to stop being dupes and putting themselves in positions where they look small and ineffectual. Tomorrow is nothing but political cover for Dems--DON'T BE A PARTY TO IT!

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