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Kouric the Lightweight and Obama the Liar 

Sorry if that's unseemly to call names, but that's simply the case. He said he wants Republicans to put their specific ideas on the table--they've been doing that for two years. Job creation is his first job and was last year?--then why did he backload so much of the "stimulus" for two and three and five years down the road? Eliminating lobbyists--other than the twenty that he appointed to posts in his first ten weeks. Stimulus transparency? how exactly do we track those expenditures through congressional districts that don't exist? So much for bipartisanship--blame the Republicans, and Couric actually tried to press him that Democrats voted against it. And, of course, let's take one more opportunity to blame his predecessor. Um . . . that's actually not what the CBO said about the deficit, at least once you factor in realistic growth projections (not the 7% that they built in to the bill). Oh . . .so now the story is that he clammed up first? I don't think that jives with anything that's been reported yet. That doesn't really make sense.

It's nice that he gets a four minute infomercial in the middle of the afternoon on the network that is carrying the top-watched program of the year. And that he gets handed questions without any follow-up from the weakest journalist in the business. I'm looking over her shoulder at a list of very neatly typed up questions--I wonder how far in advance he got to look at those questions.

That was a waste of four minutes of television--I wonder if there was any chance for a Republican to answer that. Wouldn't it have been great to cut from the President and Couric straight to Sarah Palin with some real journalist?

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