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If the Chief Architect of the Cruise Liner Was Rushing For A Life Boat . . . 

wouldn't you be headed for the lifeboats, too?

Imagine that scene in Titanic where the ship's architect reassures Rose that nothing can sink his boat; now imagine instead that he was rushing for an exit with a life vest in hand (come to think of it, that probably would have made the movie much better!).

Well, now comes word that George Soros has doubled his gold investments over the past few weeks.

Why the analogy? Gearge Soros is the money behind MoveOn.org; MoveOn was a major player behind the de-legitimizing of the Bush administration; MoveOn was a force in both the 2006 Dem takeover of Congress and in Barack Obama's push to the White House; and nobody really knows how much money Soros spread around during the last two election cycles. But we do know that he has the President's ear.

And now he's significantly increasing his investments in a commodity that is inflation- and depression-proof.

First rat off the ship, after pointing it at the iceberg and jamming the accelerator down.

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