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Deny the Premise, Hold The Administration Accountable for Dumb Luck 

By now the "professional journalists" have all reported that, according to the administration, Abdulmutallab (the Christmas Bomber) has been talking to authorities. The administration seems to think that this should be the end of the conversation about the brilliance of giving this guy his Miranda after 50 minutes in custody.

EVERY single Republican of standing should be on the Sunday chats tomorrow saying "so what?" So he started singing like a bird after we pulled some strings on hime after five weeks in custody--what might have happened in those five weeks? And does anybody think his intel is still worth a damn after five weeks?

On December 25th, he knew the location of where he had been trained, and he knew the faces of the 0ther people he had gone through training with. By February 8th, that location is obsolete news, and the other people have absorbed into the local scene (perhaps of London and Paris, even). The point is that intel has a pretty short shelf life, and by giving this guy the means to put off giving us anything useful for five weeks, we've all but guaranteed that "useful" is not the best formulation for what he's giving us. We're very, very lucky that none of the other people he trained with tried to pull off an attack while he was lawyering up.

But this isn't news--or, at least, others a lot smarter than me have made these points already. I'm writing for the benefit of the people who are going to be on TV in the morning who (being Washington Republicans) are probably going to be tongue-tied and sheepish about this news. Don't BE!! Stay agressive and on the attack. This President, through the people who report directly to him, pulled a "knee-jerk liberal" move in handling this guy, and the opposition Party has a duty to hold his feet to the fire on this one. The "professional journalist" will try to dismiss this as a fait accompli, and whoever is from our side has to reject the premise outright and turn to the offense.

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