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What I Look For in 2010, pt. III 

A bumper sticker:

"How the Democratic Party has changed:
Truman: The Buck Stops Here
Obama: The Buck Stops at the last guy

. . . until, I suppose, the massive federal debts and deficits I'm running up devalue the "buck" so much that it collapses completely.

But seriously, I keep wondering when the people who support this President are going to get fed up with him continually referencing President Bush as his explanation for everything that has or has not happened. To wit:

--Obama "surged" the troops in Afghanistan--it's now HIS
--Obama followed the exact same timetable in Iraq as President Bush--it's now HIS
--Obama bought the economy for $787 billion, and unemployment jumped a full 1.2% higher than his worst predictions--it's now HIS
--Obama has reviewed and altered every counterterrorism measure the Pres. Bush put in place--it's now HIS (and we got VERY lucky on Christmas Day that our failures did not end up in 300+ deaths)

This country is now Pres. Obama's--he should start taking responsibility for the office he holds.

Just for grins, I'm going to issue a challenge to the President's team: make it through the entire State of the Union speech without once referencing President Bush, the previous administration, or the mess you inherited. They're all yours now--show some leadership and claim them.

By the way, that would make for a great drinking game: everybody does a shot whenever Pres. Obama refers to Pres Bush during the SOTU.

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