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What I Look For in 2010, pt. II 

That the deep pockets on the conservative side of the aisle dig deep and create institutions and organizations to rival MoveOn.org, the Bighorn Center, and other groups like ACORN.

I believe that there is a growing tide that the Democrats are going to underestimate at their peril, but I have no faith that it will end up carrying the day. How many races in the last 3 years have we seen bounce between shady to corrupt, and every one of them a Democratic win? Let's see, there's the WA gubenatorial race in 06, Norm Coleman's race in '08, and that's just what jumps to mind easily. Now that the Democrats are firmly in power, I expect that . . .

If it's close they'll cheat!

So we have to make sure that these races are not close, and that the financial backing of candidates is substantial enough early in the race that good conservative candidates are not hesitant to step up to the plate.

And, as we've seen from the Health Care debate, the President and his minions have NO qualms about twisting arms to get money into the pipeline. Our side needs to be OVER-prepared for election abuses, and we need to be certain that good candidates have a chance.

By the way, notice I keep saying "conservative," not "Republican." Given John McCain's role in Colorado's losses over the last six years, and Olympia Snowe's role in allowing health care to become a reality, let's just say that I'm less excited by Republicans than I am conservatives. Maybe it's just me . . . .

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