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Time to Move On 

The Republicans in power tend to make the same mistakes over and over again. I'm really afraid that they're in the midst of that at this moment with the whole Harry Reid/negro thing.

The main point has been made: there is a double standard that applies to issues of race and political party. Time to leave it alone. The longer GOPers try to dwell on the issue, the more it's going to (rightly) look like partisan gamesmanship.

In reality, the real issue is one of condescension: what is true of Harry Reid has also been true of Joe Biden and countless other liberals before. A black man is surprising when he comes across well, and to have succeeded on his own without the blessing or intervention of a liberal savior is astonishing. Which, of course, means said black man must be a very attractive candidate. But don't expect us to change our perception of blacks in this country; Obama must be the exception that proves the rule.

By the way, as to the Trent Lott analogy, it is, at best, an unimportant one. Really, the only thing the two have in common is their title and the nature of the comments that they made. But Lott's was awkward and incorrect, while Reid's was simply awkward. But to assess where they're going in their careers you have to look at where they are at the time of the controversy: Reid is just coming off of a major legislative victory which he is largely responsible for bribing int . . . er, I mean bringing to fruition, while Trent Lott was at the end of a long losing streak when he got ridden out of town. There were Republicans, this author included, who were calling for Lott's resignation before the Thurmond comments--those just pushed it through the pipeline.

Besides, any continued dwelling on this topic means less time and energy spent on the really important things, like this report predicting another spike in gas prices thanks to the EXTREME COLD WEATHER. Isn't it about time for the Dems to start trying to push Cap 'n Trade through? So that it won't get any warmer?

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