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Over/Under . . . (updating) 

on President Obama saying "my predecessor" or "that we inherited" or some variant of that at 4-1/2. Because the buck stopped at the last guy.

--seriously?!? How does he say this with a straight face?!? "Do our work openly?" "excluded lobbyists from policy-making jobs?" I'm waiting for a "Yeah . . .that's the ticket!"

--"powerful interests?" "foreign entities?" like, oh, I don't know . . .the AARP, PHarMA, insurance companies?? and the last knkown foreign entity that contributed to a campaign was, um . . let's see . . .China! and the recipient of that was, um . . .let's see, a Democrat (Clinton).
I'm amazed at the audacity--not surprised, just amazed

--(8:12 pm) sorry--too much of this just doesn't pass the laugh test, so I fell asleep. And yet, he. is. still.talking. This guy just loves the view of his own teleprompter.

--not exactly sure where the reputation for eloquence comes from. After just about twenty minutes he just starts to fade to wooden, almost Borg-like. Resistance is futile . . .

Gonna go away now. I'll have more thoughts a little later.

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