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Obama's Grade, addendum 

Oh, yeah. I forgot. What's the President's second highest domestic priority? Climate change.

And the bad week continues:

. . . when it comes to unsubstantiated research it's hard to beat the IPCC, whose 2007 report insisted that the glaciers--which feed the rivers that in turn feed most of South Asia--were very likely to nearly disappear by the year 2035. "The receding and thinning of Himalayan glaciers," it wrote in its supposedly definitive report, "can be attributed primarily to the [sic] global warming due to increase in anthropogenic emissionn of greenhouse gases."

It turns out that this widely publicized prediction was taken from a 2005 report from the World Wildlife Fund, which based it on a comment from by Indian glacier expert Syed Hasnein from 1999. Mr. Hasnain now said he was "misquoted." Even more interesting is that the IPCC was warned in 2006 by leading glaciologist Georg Kaser that the 2035 forecast was baseless. "This number is not just a little bit wrong, but far out of any order of magnitude," Mr. Kaser told the Agence France-Presse. "It is so wrong that it is not even worth discussing."

Huh. Guess that priority number isn't looking all that important. Maybe it's time to move on to something really important to Mr. Obama . . . like "Card check" or trying terrorists in New York City civilian courts a couple miles from Ground Zero. And, I don't know, maybe someday he can get around to doing something useful like trying to create jobs.

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