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Watch the Dichotomy 

First, before you watch any other coverage of today's town hall in Grand Junction, read this page of the Grand Junction Sentinel. Note not a single--not ONE--story about counterprotests or supporters of the President or anything remotely complimentary to the health care reform--excuse me. . . health insurance reform . . . --in the whole town of Grand Junction on the day leading up to the townhall.

I'm going to make two bets for this afternoon. One, that the crowd "chosen by lottery" to be in the gym at Grand Junction Central H.S. will be reamarkably friendly to the President, given the early indications, and that the questions "which will not be prescreened" will manage to break just slightly more than half in favor of the reform bill. And two, that REGARDLESS of what actually happens, the Denver media will manage to portray it in exactly the manner I described above.

I just realized this week what the next front of this battle conservatives have to open up is going
to be: the media. We've never gotten either the amount of coverage, or the unbalanced nature of the coverage that we've been getting over the last couple weeks--we need to take advantage of that!! First, insist on being live on television: DO NOT allow the "professional journalists" to edit what you're saying. Second, when somebody walks around behind you carrying a sign with a swastika on it, identify them as an SEIU employee and a supporter of the President ON TV. And third, be clear and concise in saying that the President's bill is a boondoggle and that the free market reforms that might actually work have been shut out of the process by Pelosi and Reid, and if the media would bother to notice they might recognize non-bipartisanship as its being practiced. If you need a primer, check out the Independence Institute's informational film on the bill being proposed. And if you haven't been cut off by then, make sure you ask the reporter or the producer behind the camera why the media hasn't bothered to show the pictures of the busloads of Obama supporters being brought in by the unions. Try to emphasize that the real "astroturf" is the one being bought and paid for by millions of union, corporate and pharmaceutical dollars. Oh, and by the way, if you can, make sure that somebody from our side is nearby videotaping the whole exchange.

The media coverup of this is at least as scandalous as the outright lies and arrogance of the Democrats. As we learned with Dan Rather, they will only back down when publicly confronted with factual representations of their malfeasance.

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