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A Question for My Representative 

Ed Perlmutter (D-CO) is holding a town hall meeting tomorrow at 8 am at a grocery store in Brighton. I cannot attend, but if somebody out there is planning on going, could you please try to slip in this question:

The last bill that was rushed through so fast that the Congress didn't have time to read it was supposed to prevent unemployment from reaching 9 percent--we've now spent two months with the unemployment rate uncomfortably higher than 9 percent. How, given that track record, can Congress be trusted to create a health care system that will keep costs down, improve care, and widen access with this bill, which is also being rushed through at breakneck speed?

Thanks. And be sure you're in good voice tomorrow, because I fully expect "Easy Ed" will have somebody ready to shut the microphone off right after you've started talking.

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