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Please Tell Me You Weren't Actually Surprised . . . 

at the news that more Americans are pro-Life than are pro-abortion.

This is one of those dirty little lies that the Left has relied on for years and years to manipulate the political debate. The tiny little facoid that only 22 percent think abortion should be completely unrestricted flies in the face of the whole tenor of the argument for the last 25 years.

Which begs a question: whyhas the debate been so decidedly distorted? Surely it's not just because of the media.

Is it, just maybe, perhaps, because on this, as on so many issues, our side just has NO CLUE how to argue the point, and so we just concede the ground.

This is a bigger debate than just abortion, and it couldn't come at a more timely moment than the weekend in which the most radically pro-abortion president in history receives an honorary degree from the nation's pre-immenent Catholic university. I think conservatives would make a huge mistake to make this debate exclusively about abortion: this debate needs to be about assumptions, distortions, and truth.

And how the Left has controlled all of those in the public sphere for too long. Every premise upon which a stupid argument is launched needs to be challenged and dismantled--tear down the house of cards upon which the straw man is seated. That's how we get the argument back.

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