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Just So You Don't Get Fooled . . . 

The President says he will keep his campaign promise and close down Gitmo.

Congressional Democrats balk, and refuse to fund the move until there's a "plan" for the terrorists there.

The President gets to look "progressive," and like he's keeping his promises no matter how goofy, while a Congress that has looked anything but serious gets to appear reasonable, measured and nearly hawkish.

What a perfect script.

Except that appearances are so far off base from what we've come to expect. Doesn't that seem a tad too convenient?

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and posit that the actual disposition of the terrorists will look an awful lot like a bunch of really dangerous men with hard-to-pronounce names being suddenly and quietly placed in American prisons and given quiet, behind-the-scenes trials in civilian American courts. But it's not going to happen for several months . . .

long after the press has stopped reporting on the "break" between the President and the Congressional leadership. And don't expect Nancy Pelosi to remember the meeting at which she was told about it.

In fact, don't expect the Democrats to talk about this ever again.

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