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One More Thing About the Apology Tour 

When Americans hear that the President and his underlings tell that world that something is "our fault" or that we've been "arrogant," I think we tend to hear that "the other guy" or that "Bush" has been arrogant or wrong. and, thus, we tend to assume that the rest of the world hears the same thing.

But I think we're wrong in that assumption.

I think what the rest of world hears is exactly what the rest of the world wants to hear: that America, in and of itself, in what it is and in what it stands for, is wrong. Therefore, strength is wrong; therefore, free markets are wrong; therefore, adherence to liberty and rule of law is wrong.

When was the last time you heard the French apologize for its weakness, which forced America to sacrifice 2,500 of its men in one day?

When was the last time our South American friends apologized for its inability to field a functioning government which could effectively stop the drug trade that plagues half the continent?

When was the last time our Russian friends apologized for killing millions of its own citizens in a failed experiment in absolute government control, not to mention the wasting of trillions of dollars and thousands of lives in competing for the ideological support of the world for 50 years?

When was the last time a prominent Muslim leader apologized for the craziness of Wahabbism that has wasted entire generations of Muslim women and children, not to mention the thousands of innocent civilians killed by suicide murderers?

But when our Great Leader apologizes, be sure that the rest of the world hears that everything we stand for is wrong, even though most of what we do has been in response to the above listed failures of the rest of the world.

Just imagine for a moment the world without America in light of just those developments I've listed above. Has there been any other nation capable of, much less willing to, respond to the world as its presented itself in the last 75 years? And that's before you even begin to consider Africa, nuclear Iran or North Korea, China, or any of the other threats that have managed to avoid my radar screen.

Maybe it would be better for the world if the President and his minions would just shut their mouths and say something to echo Colin Powell: "Perhaps America has not always been perfect or correct in its assessment of the world, but there is no denying that 230 years of the American experiment have brought more peace, more prosperity, and more progress to the world than the previous 5000 years of recorded history. And in return, all America has ever asked for is enough ground to bury its dead."

So you all can kiss our ass and try to solve your problems on your own. We'll be waiting when you need us again.

And, by the way, take your frackin' U.N. and move it the hell off of our land. Why don't you see if there's some real estate somewhere in the Sudan you can put your ugly building in.

A bit over the top? Oh, well.

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