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The Junior Varsity Strikes Again 

Let's see . . . what did the administration do at the summit?

:There was Michelle Obama inexplicably not being told to avoid initiating physical contact with the Queen during their meeting--HELLO? State Department?

: There was Tim Geithner being trotted out to present to the G-20 the American position and plan for the global economic crisis. I guess the President just couldn't be bothered . . . or couldn't be brought up to speed in time.

:The President gave the Queen an iPod . . . filled with memorabilia of his own achievements. What a tool.

:The President, strangely , bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia.

:And, oh yeah, back in the states, yet ANOTHER nominee for Obama's cabinet can't figure out how to do that whole tax-thingy. Kathleen Sibelius had to fork over about $140k to get out of the crosshairs.

Man, these people are impressive. What? Me worry?

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