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In Preparation for Opening Day 

The top two are really completely interchangeable in my mind. It just depends on what sort of a mood you're in. Tonight, I'm more in the mood for the sort of innocent, pure vision of an American pasttime that has the power to overcome corruption and heal old wounds. More of a choice between "the ideal" of baseball and "the mythology" of baseball; tonight, I go with "the ideal."

Of course, that's The Natural. Robert Redford is the best athlete, maybe, to ever be an actor, and it shows. He's got a very pure swing, and he really looks like he could be the best player ever. On top of that, Wilford Brimley is pitch-perfect as a grumpy old manager, the muckity-mucks are appropriately menacing, and Kim Basinger and Glenn Close round out the cast in fine form. Add to that one of the most recognizable scores in movie history, and you have a great night of viewing.

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