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In Preparation for Opening Day 

And we're finally into the top three movies on my baseball list. I know there are going to be those out there that disagree with one or more of them, but . . .so what. It's my list.

This next one is for every middle-aged person who loved the game but didn't make it. For all of us who had that dream from a very early age but, for whatever reason, it never took off. There's a very "Damn Yankees" feel to this one in how the main character has a "magical" restart of his career, but it has the added bonus of being true. This is the (somewhat dramatized) true story of Jimmy Morris, a 34 year old high school teacher/coach who tries out for the big leagues on a bet with his team, only to find out that in the past fifteen years his bad arm has "healed" up to a 98 mile per hour fastball.

Great--GREAT--story! The only downside is that baseball people will know that there's absolutely no way Dennis Quiad's throwing motion results in a 98 mph pitch. Put that aside, and this is great. Tear-jerker moment: "Honey, can you bring my suit up to Arlington? Apparently, they have a dress code in the major leagues." One of a few.

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