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In Preparation for Opening Day 

Because I am assuming (forgive me) that most of my readers are men, and I also assume that most of them have significant others, and I also assume that said significant others are not quite as happy to sit through a baseball movie marathon as their men are, I provide a little break tonight.

Watch For Love Of The Game with your S.O. Kevin Costner does his usual credible pass as a baseball player, and a lot of the stuff around the game is really good. The "soundtrack" is the play-by-play of Vin Scully, who is incomparable, and the story comes from the author of "The Killer Angels" (only the best Civil War story in print).

But the reason this works with the S.O. is because, at its heart, its a love story. But its a love story that you can only fully understand if you understand baseball. Besides, its a good love story--and even if it weren't, you get to look at Kelly Preston the whole movie.

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