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Getting Tired of This 

And, the Great Apology Tour continues.

Biden: "The time when America talks and does not listen is over . . ."

Hillary: "America is 50% to blame for Mexico's drug violence . . . "

Obama: "America has been arrogant . . . "

The top three people in the American government have spent an awful lot of time an rhetoric telling the world "my bad." Or, to be more precise "Bush bad."

But it occurs to me that the more time we spend telling the world we're sorry for how we've done things, the more we commit the nation to the authority of the rest of the world. If our best interests become subjegated to the whim of the "international community," you can be sure that the international community will do its best to dismantle us . . .

while the people who don't play by the rules will sit back and wait for a chance to strike.

Unless they're flat-out crazy, and decide to see what happens if they launch a missile in our direction.

Remember what was going on the summer before 9/11? Yeah, there was Chandra Levy. But people have forgotten that the Chinese tested the new American President Bush by forcing an American plane (an EP-3, if I recall) to land in Chinese territory, where it was forcibly held for weeks.

I wonder that Obama hasn't apologized for that one, yet.

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