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Every Once In A While . . . 

life has a way of intruding.

I would like to say that I've taken the last couple weeks off from blogging because I was stepping back to survey the big board. Or that I was doing some pressing investigation that would bear fruit in this space in the near future.

That would have been great. But that hasn't been the case.

Some of my long time readers may have noticed over the years that the hours at which I tend to post are somewhat, well . . . odd. That is, rarely do I post before midnight, often much closer to 2 am. And that's okay--for some reason, God built me an abundance of energy starting at about 10pm which often lasts for several hours. This is great for me: I get to do all the things necessary as a dad, and then I have several hours left over to pursue hobbies. One of which is blogging.

But a few weeks back life started cutting into my time. Starting with taxes (rrrrrgggh!), and then continuing with two long-range projects for my day job, it's been tough to keep the hobbies alive.

But it's more than that, I realized. It struck me one night, as I was tucking my oldest in to bed, that she's due to go to college soon (five years) and our plan for that is a bit more sketchy than it should really be at this point in the game. And it further struck me that if I were to spend some of that excess late-night energy of mine doing something a bit more useful for my family than this hobby and my other hobbies--something useful like a late-night job--then the prospect of my daughter going to college wouldn't be quite so scary. Not only that, but my wife, the Bewitching Mrs. BestDestiny, was one of the very early victims of the real estate collapse--she worked from home for a mortgage company and lost her job about 16 months ago. Now, you have to know that she is the hardest working person I know, but we had gotten pretty used to a sizeable income from her. We've managed to make it all work up to this point, thanks to her hard work and few windows of opportunity from God, but there was coming a time where it wouldn't all work quite as well.

So some of that "hobby time" of mine over the past few weeks has been spent looking for little jobs that I could do overnight to help out my family. In a perfect world, somebody (George Soros?) would pay me to keep up on the happenings in the world and writing about it. But we on the Right are not so blesssed as to have wealthy benefactors who are willing to pay people to spout opinion all day, like the powers behind MoveOn.org--this being but one of many structural impediments to Republicans regaining power or Conservatives regaining relevance. In fact, part of why I think I started this blog way back when was just so that maybe--maybe!--writing about this thing that interests me way too much would get itself in front of the correct pair of eyes, which would then translate into somebody being willing to pay me to do this--or something similar--professionally.

MAN, would that be cool!

But this is not, alas, a perfect world.

So if posting is a bit too sporadic for the near future, don't fret--I still love the game, and writing is as much fun as it ever was. But I need to do things that will help take care of my family, too, and that may mean that writing time is swallowed up by something more immediately negotiable in the general popultion--like cash.

By the way, if this seems like a transparent effort at finding a job, that's probably only because it is. If you know of anybody who needs writing help or political advocacy consulting, I'd love to talk to them.

And yes, this was probably more personal than most posts. Sorry for that. I'll try to stick to the regular program in the future.

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