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Talking Point 

I have written before about how conservatives have, for all intents and purposes, ceded the moral high ground vis-a-vis charitable behavior to the Democrats. My argument is that the Conservatives have to be able to make the case that government HAS A ROLE in chiritable acts, but that role is neither primary, nor is it coercive; Democrats believe government should be the sole and central source of charity to everybody.

Well, right now conservatives have an unprecedented opportunity to make that argument, and I don't hear a one of them making it.

With the budget the President has proposed, at a time of an ongoing economic downturn, those most able to donate to charities are likely to stop or reduce their giving, because for every dollar they give to charity, the government is going to take an extra chunk out. So even evil, horrible, selfish, greedy arch-neo-conservatives are likely to scale back, simply due to lack of resources.

And the charities will suffer.

Democrats will counter that the government is going to step in where charities fall short. Okay--great. The problem is that government is bad at this, and charities tend to be better.

Just another unintended consequence of liberal policies--a consequence that will lead to more and more government control over our lives.

AND NOBODY IS MAKING THIS ARGUMENT!! Good morning, hello? Republican leadership team? Let's get back on the right side of this issue please.

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