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The Junior Varsity Strikes Again 

I think any objective observer would have to conclude that the Obama Presidency is off to a VERY shaky start. There's the inability to properly vett a Commerce Secretary, a Treasury Secretary whose understanding of taxes is so sketchy that he didn't bother to pay them, a "critical" Bill that the President wanted bipartisanship on received exactly 3 GOP votes (1.5% bipartisan), and his plan to rescue the economy has sent the stock market down 20% and brought some of the previously rescued back to the trough.

Other than that, it's been great . . .

You had to wonder when this level of incompetence would start to manifest itself on the world stage. I believe we have our first entrant into that particular contest:

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday that the Islamic republic should be invited to a high-level conference on Afghanistan later this month being organized under U.S. auspices....

...U.S. officials said the conclave is intended both to help implement a U.S. strategic review, which will be completed mid-month, and to set the stage for a NATO summit in early April. ...

...Clinton said the meeting would bring together the foreign ministers of a broad selection of nations, including NATO countries, non-NATO countries contributing troops to Afghanistan, financial contributors, international organizations and "key regional and strategic countries" such as Pakistan and Iran.

And what, exactly, makes Iran a "key regional country?"

"Iran borders Afghanistan,"

Hmmmm. Okay, encouraging that our SecState knows a little geography.

Here's the problem: Iranian weaponry and soldiers are directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers in Iraq. If we then invite the same people to the table to help with Afghanistan, we look like impotent feckless fools. At what point is Sec. Clinton going to press the Iranians to close down the mountain passages from Iran to Afghanistan?

And are we going to invite Iran into NATO? If this is a NATO conclave . . . I'm just asking.

Or is it just me. Yeah, I thought so. I'm alone.

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