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Governance by Celebrity: A Gordean Knot of Contradictions 

So the President is going on Leno tonight to try to sell his budget. Not Larry King, not CNN, not (God forbid!) a slightly hostile news source like FOX. No, he goes on Leno.


And this just a couple days after the White House press secretary mocked the former Vice President during his daily briefing.

The children are in charge.

At the same time that the President is trying to pass legislation that would dramatically increase both the size and the scope of the government, he is doing it while stuck in campaign mode.

Look, it is NOT possible to simultaneously increase the power of the Presidency while diminishing the stature of the office. Some senior Democrat who still gives a damn about this country and the Presidency ought to mention to this guy and his team that he ought to start acting like a grown up.

Hope and change.

Gimme a damn break. Just, for a minute, give me competent governance. These guys ought to hire David Gergen to come in and consult, just to add a titch of maturity to the proceedings.

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