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Excellent Timing for an Education FUBAR 

As Colorado students manage to slog through the dreaded annual colonoscopy that is known as the CSAP (more on this in a weekend post), I wonder if the state Board of Education really wanted THIS to be a story:

The state Board of Education is holding a reception at 11 a.m. Friday in its lobby to thank Mexican Consul General Eduardo Arnal for donating 500 boxes of books to Colorado students. The books are published for use in schools in Mexico, and distributed to Spanish-speaking students in Colorado to help them learn English.

Wow. How cool that the Mexican education system is normed to the same rigorous testing and developmental strategies that our own educations system is normed to. That's really cool that we can use the same . . . What's that?. . . Oh, they're, they're not? . . . Not even a little bit?

Oh. So the State BOE is having a reception celebrating the donation of textbooks that DO NOTHING to further the education progress of our students. What? You think an immigrant is going to get roughly the same information from a Mexican textbook on the American Revolution?

But let's be happy, I suppose, that they'll be learning English. Not within the context of the classroom, but learning English.

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