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News From Denver's Big Day 

First of all, could you ask for any better irony than the President having to move this big event indoors because it was WAY too windy outside? Who would have guessed that Mother Nature would choose this day in Denver to do her own grand style of bloviating? And isn't it ironic that just as he's pushing his "new energy" program, a cornerpiece of that idea--wind power--asserts itself into the politics of the day. I love it!

By the way, the President reiterated one of my favorite dodges again today: have you noticed how he keeps saying "this bill will create or save 3.5 million jobs." Well, . . . how, exactly, does he propose to measure a job SAVED? Will there be statisticians combing the country asking businesses how many people they haven't laid off? This strikes me as an altogether nimble little piece of politics.

Rocky Mountain Right has pictures from today's event--no the official one, the protest on the steps of the capitol (which, did you notice, the President did not really make much of an effort to "engage" these people. Oh, well.

Mr. Bob has some more pictures and some background info; and Michael has video (ooh, the techies come out to play!)

And if that's not enough, check out Ben, Michael, and Joshua as they cover the days' work down at the capitol on tonight's BlogTalk Radio. program.

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