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Here's what I would do if I were a wealthy 527 or had a senior GOP staff member lying around:

Dig through the details of this stimulus bill, and identify the parts of the bill that are "payoff" to Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, and Arlen Specter. Then I would start running ads in those states asking them "Why spending my grandchildren's future out of existence is justified by this-or-that pet project."

It looks like Senate bill may get through tomorrow (thanks to the aforementioned Senators); but the public has yet to come around to it, and I don't think the President likely changed that with his presser tonight (more on that later). So if the House GOP can hold tight when the conference bill comes out, maybe a little outcry in Maine and PA will yank these three back from their stupidity.

By the way, if you're curious, here is a link to Sen. Specter's nearly incoherent floor speech in weak support of the bill.

And here' a link to Sen. Snowe's justification of her support, which includes a pretty big mention of the extra funding Maine will get with this new bill.

And here is a link to Sen. Collins' self-congratulatory explanation of the compromise that she "helped craft."

I have a lot more to say about the President's press conference tomorrow. For now, let me just say a couple things: one, if the problem is such that only the government can solve it, then we must have lost an awful lot of brain power in the rest of the country; and two, the strain of the job seems to be wearing on him already. The eloquent, connected happy candidate has been replaced by a surly, dishonest and insulated President.

And this is just week 3! Wait until after Iran has its elections and their hardliners get rewarded with even more power.

Enjoy the honeymoon, Mr. President.

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